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What does this project provide?

This project provides a collection of extensions to the circuit simulator Ngspice, which are not included in the main Ngspice distribution.

List of Extensions

SCons Integration

The SCons Integration extension provides patches and source packages for the next generation build system SCons. At the moment Ngspice uses the GNU build tools (autoconf/automake etc.). These tools are hard to use and not reliable on Non-Unix systems like Windows. They depend on many different tools and programming languages like m4, perl, Bourne Shell, make and many others. To simplify the build process and remove these dependencies on Non-Unix systems and even on Unix systems we provide scripts for the build system SCons. SCons only depends on Python and is easy to install on any type of system.


  1. Make sure the GNU gcc compiler is installed. The Windows version can be downloaded here.
  2. If you want to compile with Xspice support, you must have installed yacc (or bison) and lex (or flex). The Windows versions can be downloaded here. Make sure these programs are in your PATH.
  3. Make sure Python is installed.
  4. Download and install the latest version of SCons. It is recommended to download the pre-release version (0.96.91), since the performance has been improved in this version.
  5. Download the complete SCons Integration package or only the patch if you have already a copy of Ngspice.
  6. Unpack the package or the patch. Apply the patch to your Ngspice copy, if you have downloaded the patch.


  1. Go into the source root directory.
  2. Type 'scons configure'. You can specify options on the command line like 'scons configure prefix=/usr'. To get a list of available options type 'scons -h'.
  3. Type 'scons' to start compilation.
  4. Login as root if necessary (only on Linux) and type 'scons install' to install the program.

Useful commands and options


To download the packages, follow this link.

Project page

The SourceForge.net project page can be found here.


If you have problems with packages from this project, don't bother the developers from the Ngspice project. If you have any problems or questions or suggestions, just send a message to the mailing list or drop me an email to unger at users.sourceforge.net.

Last update: 2005-10-20

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